Find a selection of interesting application examples from a range of indutries, as well the complete range of products for the D28/D16 3-D clamping system welding tables and assembly tables.

The company

For almost 50 years, the name Demmeler has stood for innovative, pioneering solutions in machine and plant construction. During these five decades, a small turning shop gradually turned into a modern, efficient and internationally successful family-run business that now sets standards in the industry. Both with its products and for its customers.

Demmeler's extensive experience, pioneering ideas, uncompromising quality standards and top efficiency in processes and solutions make us one of the top addresses when it comes to special demands and high requirements. As a contract manufacturer specialising in large and precision parts, they manufacture single and large-batch workpieces measuring a maximum of 16 m in length and 50 t in weight with high precision thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and machinery. In the field of modular clamping machines, our patented and multiple award-winning 3-D clamping systems have become established as a global industry standard. Since 2001, the year that Demmeler Automatisierung & Roboter GmbH was founded, they have been making our mark in the world of automation technology: Their robot-assisted tool exchange systems and their hydrostatic rotary and moving rotary tables enjoy top demand as reference products across the industry. The continual expansion of their range of services and our customer base, paired with a healthy down-to-earth attitude and belief in our own strengths, have always been the key drivers in their stable growth. 

They can even offer small metalworking businesses ideal and profitable solutions, tailored to their requirements and options.
To them, providing everything from a single source is a given. From development and construction to manufacture and assembly, they have the whole spectrum of services covered. Demmeler is proud of the high requirements that their clients have because it proves the level of trust they have in the product. A sense of trust that will continue to work towards justifying in the future too, thus giving all our customers the satisfying feeling of having chosen the perfect business partner - day in, day out.



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